Starknet by Example

Starknet By Example is a collection of examples of how to use the Cairo programming language to create smart contracts on Starknet.

Starknet is a permissionless Validity-Rollup that supports general computation. It is currently used as an Ethereum layer-2. Starknet use the STARK cryptographic proof system to ensure high safety and scalability.

Starknet smart contracts are written in the Cairo language. Cairo is a Turing-complete programming language designed to write provable programs, abstracting the zk-STARK proof system away from the programmer.

The current version of this book use scarb 2.3.1

For whom is this for?

Starknet By Example is for anyone who wants to quickly learn how to write smart contracts on Starknet using Cairo with some technical background in programming and blockchain.

The first chapters will give you a basic understanding of the Cairo programming language and how to write, deploy and use smart contracts on Starknet. The later chapters will cover more advanced topics and show you how to write more complex smart contracts.

Further reading

If you want to learn more about the Cairo programming language, you can read the Cairo Book. If you want to learn more about Starknet, you can read the Starknet documentation and the Starknet Book.

Here's a list of other resources that you might find useful:

  • Starklings: An interactive tutorial to get you up and running with Cairo v1 and Starknet
  • Cairopractice: A blog with a series of articles about Cairo and Starknet
  • Cairo by example: An introduction to Cairo, with simple examples
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